Terms of Membership and Privacy Policy

The following are the conditions you need to know in order to benefit from the online services and online mobile applications of Passo Tour's website, and to become a member and maintain your membership.

  • The user specifies the username and password to subscribe to the Passo Tour web page. The user does not share the Username and password with other people. It should provide all the necessary security and confidentiality that would prevent others from accessing it. The entire liability in this respect belongs to the user.

  • The user can not use the Passo Tour web page contrary to the rules of law, morality and honesty. It can not be used to modify part of the web page, install malware or collect commercial data. It can not do malicious software or other harmful operations.

  • The user share their own information when they want to use online Services and when they use the web page. The user, agree and undertake that the information they share is their own, accurate, complete and reliable information.

  • The user under the age of 18 who use the Passo Tour website for online services are required to take the service under parental control or provide written consent from their parents.

  • The user can not change the sub-structure and content of the web page for personal reasons or for any other reason.

  • The user can not monitor the data belonging to other users. It can not be copied or used for any other purpose.

  • According to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846, the rights of processing, reproduction, dissemination, representation, financial and other broadcasting rights on the content etc. belong to Passo Tour.

  • The user shall not use any trademark, logo, document, image, name and title of the company without the permission of Passo Tour. PassoTour can not use any content of the web page (database, method, technique, and all content that does not include here, including without limitation).

  • Any use that the user has made without obtaining permission is in violation of these Terms of Use. Such an activity is considered an attack on the rights of Passo Tour without any damage condition.

  • If the user violates the copyrights of Passo Tour or acts contrary to the conditions of use of this web page, it may cause loss of income of Passo Tour and others. The user agrees to indemnify all material and moral damages, including loss of revenue, in this case.

  • The user knows that the Passo Tour website system sometimes uses cookies.

  • Passo Tour can automatically collect information about the user who visits the website. These data, which are based entirely on good sense and are not shared with anyone else, are made for the user to be more injured and to prepare appropriate content. The user declares, accepts and accepts that this website is information pieces that can be transferred to the identification information file on the hard disk when visiting this website.

  • When you visit the Passo Tour webpage, your IP address is automatically and anonymously recorded.

  • Passo Tour web page All terms and conditions of use and the Privacy Policy and membership terms apply to Passo Tour Online Mobile Apps.

  • The user expresses and acknowledges that he has read and accept all the provisions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and membership conditions when using the Passo Tour Online Mobile Apps.

  • In Mobile App you can redirect to other mobile applications not belonging to Passo Tour. If a user visits any of these mobile apps, Passo tour will not be liable for the policies and practices of these mobile apps, privacy policies, and any disputes that may arise. The responsibility belongs entirely to the user.

  • Passo Tour is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise during or after the use of the Mobile Application by a user. Passo Tour and its employees are not responsible for damages and losses of the user. The user can not claim any rights even if he informed Passo Tour about these damages.

  • The user acknowledge and agree that if they use the Passo Tour web page or Mobile Application, they give their personal data at their own discretion. For this reason, the User consents to the "Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy" and any communication (search, sms, mail, etc.) to be established with him.

  • Passo Tour may, in exceptional circumstances, disclose to third parties the information pertaining to the user out of the confidentiality of the Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy.

These situations are;

  1. The Law, the Decree Law, the Regulation and so on issued by the competent legal authorities. in cases where it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the newly enacted or enacted rules of law,

  1. If it is legally obligatory to share information with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Health and other ministries,

  1. In the event that the contractual rules between Passo Tour and User are put into practice when necessary,
  2. Where information is requested by the competent administrative or judicial authorities in the direction of an investigation or investigation conducted in accordance with law,
  3. Where it is necessary to inform the user in order to protect their rights or security.

  • Passo Tour web page and all the personal data belonging to the user thanks to Mobile Apps and Privacy Policy belong to Passo Tour.

  • The protection of personal data and the Privacy Policy will not be shared with other individuals or organizations except legal obligations or user consent.
  • Passo Tour undertakes to take all necessary precautions to keep confidential information given to him as a mystery, and to give full disclosure of all the relief it receives.

  • If there is a dispute about the Passo Tour web page, this dispute will look Antalya courts and executive offices within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

  • You can forward your complaints, suggestions, information and similar requests to Passo Tour web page to health@passotour.com. You can also get support from +90 242 323 87 60.

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