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Sports and Health

It is all of the movements that are made individually or collectively and applied in accordance with some rules to provide sport, physical or mental development. For human health, sports are as important as eating habits at least. If we need to be fed regularly, we must always keep our bodies ready by doing the same regular sport. Regular sports are needed to get maximum yield. With regular sport, not only physical but also spiritual contributes to one's own health.

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Organ Donation Saves Lives!

The technological developments in the world have been successfully applied in medicine. Nowadays, with modern-art surgical techniques, some diseases that can not be treated until recently are easily treated. Genetic or some emerging diseases can be treated much more easily with modern surgical methods.

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Nutritional Habits and Diseases

In today's world, there are serious problems about eating habits. Every year, thousands of people in the world are exposed to severe illness resulting in malnutrition and irregular eating.

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